Effective Solutions

In today’s digital world, it’s all too easy to get lost in a cloud of buzzwords and techno-jargon.

At Flame Red Productions we tell it like it is, providing straightforward solutions to everyday problems. Don’t expect to be blinded by science, our team have years of experience of dealing with clients at all levels of technical knowledge.

If someone at Flame Red talks about a Braindump, they usually do it alone, in a small room, with an iPad for company.

Compelling Designs

Looking for an app that’s good looking, yet functional? You got it. Our experienced art team have tackled projects from social networking design to sites aimed at the under 5s. We can do it big and bold or light and discrete. We won’t tell you how it should be, but we’ll work with you to produce a product that fits in with your style and direction, unless it involves paisley. We don’t do paisley…

Ease of Use

We like to make things easy, it makes our day so much smoother. Whether it’s instant coffee over some complicated machine with thousands of knobs and levers or our approach to the way in which we make our products work.

We don’t use widgets and gadgets ‘just because we can’, we take an extensive approach to mobile app design which gives the simplest and most effective user experience to your app’s users. If it needs an instruction manual to operate it, it’s not for us. Though that might account for why the office toaster is still smouldering in the corner…