So here’s the thing. Latest reports show Android handsets account for 80% of all smartphones in the wild, with iPhones at around the 15% mark. That being the case it should follow that our apps sell around five times more units on the Google OS then on anything Apple-related.


It’s actually the other way around. WTF? I hear you enunciate quietly to yourself (selves) to which I reply: uh-huh.

So what’s going on? It looks like there may be multiple factors at play. Android users are less willing to part with cash or apps and when they’re not ¬†willing to pay as much as iOS users. Also, there are a sub-set of Android users who have their phones because they were convinced to upgrade or they’re not technically savvy and never buy apps.

But, even taking these groups into account, does it still cover the disparity between iOS income and Android income?

Looking at our own apps it leads us to believe that different tactics need to be applied to the different markets. iOS users are willing to commit to paying for apps – even if it’s only a couple of quid (dollars for our US chums), whereas Droid users seem happier to get their apps for free but to suffer in-app advertising, so it looks like that’s the approach we’ll have to take, to see if it raises revenues any.

Right now, we make so little from Android it’s not worth the development effort to get the product out, and that makes no sense given the size of the market we should be servicing.

Time will tell what’s going to work and what isn’t, it looks like our Grand Experiment continues….