The Android Conundrum

So here’s the thing. Latest reports show Android handsets account for 80% of all smartphones in the wild, with iPhones at around the 15% mark. That being the case it should follow that our apps sell around five times more units on the Google OS then on anything Apple-related. Wrong… It’s actually the other way around. WTF? I hear you […]

Time flies when you’re having…

It’s been a roller coaster couple of months here at Flame Red with hardly a moment to sit down and take a breath. Having released the Professional version of Cost A Cake Pro for The Cake Makery, we seem to have spent our time fixing user-reported issues and immersing ourselves in the intricacies of online marketing. It’s been hard work, […]

A mention in the online press

Those awfully nice chaps at Corona Labs have published a short piece I wrote about writing ‘serious’ business software  with their product. Mostly known as a games development language, Corona is a pretty versatile product which uses LUA at it’s core and is great for cross-platform mobile development work. Click here to see my words in all their published glory…

10 GOTO Programming Languages…

A conundrum presents itself at Flame Red Towers this week and it feels like we’re all being (programming) teenagers again. It’s not spots, hormones or (heaven forbid) girls that’s the problem, it’s an issue of whether we go with the Cool Kids or choose to exert a degree of autonomy and go it alone, like some kind of Emo-Goth-Nerd… The […]

Out of the mouths of babes…

At Christmas, we bought our daughters (twins, then aged two), a pair of cheap Android tablets. The spec was pretty good given the price – 1.5Ghz processors, Ice Cream Sandwich as standard and 8Gb of RAM and for £50 apiece is seemed a reasonable way to keep them entertained and away from my iPad3. My wife and I were really […]

Synergy got stubborn…

Here’s a handy little tip for anyone using Synergy (I’m running OSX as server and a Win8 guest) who gets to the point where the mouse runs too fast on the client screen to offer any kind of accuracy. Simple restart the Synergy server. Yup, that’s it. Now everything should be back to normal and peaceful PCing may resume !

Blocking unwanted sites

Here’s a handy little nugget for a freezing cold Thursday morning. We all (should) be using appropriate ad blockers and the like to prevent unwanted intrusions into our day-to-day surfing, but there’s always someone, somewhere that will try to send you to something vile, physically impossible or expensive. Helpfully, a bunch of folks have banded together to produce a hosts […]

And now pop pickers…

I admit it. I have a love-hate relationship with Ruby (on Rails). There are times when I look at it and the very sight of it just … annoys me… and then there are times when I talk to recruiters who talk of £70k+ a year salaries and I think, there must be more to this then meets the eye. […]

BT Homehub, the fastest connection I’ve never had

For some reason, recently, my backup Windows PC decided to stop connecting to the Internet. I didn’t have time to look at the  problem so I ignored it for a bit but at the weekend I decided it was time to get the situation sorted out (besides, I can use the Win7 install on there to play the old Fallout […]

Where oh where has my Start Menu gone????

I just upgraded my Windows PC at the office to run Windows 8 and the most obvious thing that’s missing is the Start Menu button in the Desktop screen/area/whatever the damned thing is called. Now, call me old fashioned, but I liked the Start Menu. It was a central point from which you could control all things Windows, and now […]