Why Android will inevitably win the tablet wars

Christmas time is almost upon us again and in an effort to buy the twins a present that would both educate and entertain, I’ve been having a good look around at toys and games. As they’re not yet three my wife, Elly, suggested we try getting them fake plastic ‘baby’ laptops so they could get used to real keyboards, but […]

Playing App ‘Hide and Seek’

  • November 12, 2012
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Writing mobile apps can be damnably hard work, wise if you’re trying to create cross-platform code in an effort to maximise revenue and audience. So why is it, given the high barrier to entry, that the current app stores make life ten times harder by failing to give us a decent way of surfacing our creations? Apple it seems adopts […]

The beginning of the … Beginning

I’d always planned to start some form of programming blog over the years, but ever found the time or the inclination. However, two years into fatherhood I’ve suddenly discovered a small period of time which has opened up when I have to sit with the twins while they go to sleep. It’s nota long enough period to fire up a […]